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I am looking into getting a miter guage but cost is a factor. I saw one that Rockler has. I have seen some others but 200.00 is too much. I am still a rookie. Any suggestions.

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I might get in trouble here but I would save your money and buy some other things.....

Let's say your makeing a picture frame out of flat stock..... we will not even get in to compound cuts. Every angle might be right on 45 deg., the new miter gauge is good to 1/4 deg after all..... When you go to put it together the joints don't fit..... what happened????? Lots of things "happen" if you just molded the edge you might have caused some twist or curve that was a built in strain in the wood be releasted..... the wood might have taken on moisture or dryed out..... the piece(s) might be just a little long or short..... the table saw might be just the slightest out of adjustment.....

I'm not saying a new miter gauge would not be nice but the one you have can be adjusted with external gauges, you can add sandpaper to keep things from moving or make yourself a sliding table. Lots of options that let you wood work without the major outlay of cash at this point in your hobby. I've been woodworking a lot of years stating as a kid with an old table saw and sloppy slot/miter bar until today and I still have not decided I really needed the fancy miter gauge.

OK now someone can point out the flaws in my thinking and convince me to get the "xyz" because..... well go ahead name the reasons.

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Because you dont have one yet Ed? LOL!
Thanks. I am finding that, with limited financial resources, I need to be careful what I buy. I appreciate the feedback. I now have my Bass Boat back from the shop and priorities are changing. I love my woodworking hobby and hope to turn it into a business someday. Maybe 5 years from now.

I appreciate the feedback. I will be making a cutoff jig in the next week or so.

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