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I am new to this forum and being a woodworker for over 40 years, I have never used a router in a table configuration. I just purchased a Jessem Mast-R-Lift 2 router lift to go into one of my General 350 table saw extension tables which is made of MDF and covered with white Formica. I would like to used the Biesemeyer fence in conjunction with the router lift as many do. I would like to do a really nice job routing the opening for this lift and routing into a nice Formica top is not for the faint of heart. I'm thinking the best route would be to purchase the Jessem MDF template but it is quite pricey for a piece of CNC cut MDF at around $29 plus shipping. The Incra lift which appears identical to the Jessem sells their MDF template for $13, much better. Can anyone verify these two templates are interchangeable? Or is there a simpler "D.I.Y." method for cutting this opening with precision?

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Like Terry said, make a template on top the table and use a top bearing bit the radius of the corners on the plate, drill a hole in the table top a little bit away from the edge of the hole to start and route in a clockwise direction.
A couple of tips: Make the template boards wide enough so that the router doesn't want to tip while you are cutting.
use this bit:
Or you can:
mark out the hole size before you attach the template to cut.

Take a jig saw and rough cut out the hole 1/8"-1/4" smaller than finished hole.

then install template and finish route out the actual size hole cutting clockwise . this is how I like to do it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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