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Interesting thread, especially since Jessem is located an hour and some north of me/Toronto.
I am a proud Canuck and it upsets me when I hear a Canadian company not doing their thing......

I was at Incra / Taylor Design in Dallas, TX last week and got a tour of the place. Super nice folk, they are a small specialty design and precision manufacturing house with about 30 employees, a couple of CnC milling machines and some assembly areas. The extrusions are of their design but produced and anodized offsite. High standards for sure.

I recently purchased and rebuilt an older Jessem high end miter gauge and needed a missing part. They were very quick to answer the phone, put me thru to Patti and... voila, all done in about 10 minutes. Shipped out the following day and got the brass pin that was missing. Can't say a bad thing about that experience.

Have also been at the Woodpecker facility outside of Cleveland several times. Big, clean, impressive precision manufacturing......explains the price........along with dedicated friendly employees as well.

Have to think there was some explanation as to why you were treated poorly. Sorry to hear and please accept a Canadian apology on their behalf.

You also bring up a good point - the whole internet/Youtube video explanation of various things is so good now.....I recently couldn't re-assemble a Snap On ratchet I had disassembled and cleaned (after doing 5 other I have)......Garage Journal had a thread about this and magically I learned something without having to spend money for a service tool lol.

What a great time we all live in......
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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