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I have the Jessem RouterLift ll mounted on an ironwood table installed as a wing on my tablesaw. I have made several router tables but this is the first with a lift. Previously I had routers mounted to baseplates which resulted in me doing all the lifting to change bits. Of course I spent hours crafting the plates, tables, and plate mortises too. Saved $ over retail. Not handy for changing or adjusting bits. After moving and establishing my retirement shop I realized I didn't want to make that effort again.
The Jessem is specific to the router. Mine is for the Hitachi. The tolerances and machining are tight, sharp, and clean. The router lifts square to the table throughout its range. I can change bits while the router is in the table. It was half money compared to the Jessem Masterlift ll. I love this tool. I'm sure it will meet my home shop needs. I truly felt I got my money's worth.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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