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Jessum Clear Cut Stock Guides

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Hello all. I am new here and my name is Rick. I have settled on the Incra "Work" package with the Milwaukee 3.5" router and for those of you familiar with the wonder fence, with the Jessum Clear Cut Stock Guides work on it?
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Hi Rick and welcome. I'm not familiar with the Incra package but their products are usually very well thought out and executed. I have an Ibox jig and it works beautifully.
G,day Rick. Welcome to the forum.
I have the incra wonderfence and the jessem router/table saw guides. Both work just great. I really like the combo. The table saw guides require a small kit sold by Jessem for the incra fence.
Hello and welcome to the forums Rick...

the odds of that fence working is pretty good as JessEm made that Incra package...
Welcome to the forum Rick.
Welcome to the forum Rick. I have a number of JessEm products as well as Incra and they are all top quality backed with excellent service and support. I have the Clear Cut Stock Guides for both my router table and table saw. For my Sawstop table saw I needed to buy a track that installed (drilled & screwed) onto the top of the Sawstop fence. The track is about 1.5" wide I'd guess without looking and is attached by 8 screws. Works extremely well and the angles guides keep the wood up against the fence for a true straight cut even when cutting down long/wide boards.
I would give them a call but feather boards will work just as well if not better than the stock guides at a lot less the cost. For a table saw you can't beat the stock guides they are well worth the investment. But for a router, I wouldn't bother, you just don't need that kind of strength to hold things down, A table saw spins so that the wood wants to push up, not so with the router.
There have been a few cases where I routed something long and relatively thin on the table and needed a little help keeping it flush against the fence and table. Feather boards worked fine. But if you do a lot of that stuff something like the jessem product makes sense. I have something similar for my TS - board buddies - that I sometimes use. Not quite as easy to use as the Jessem product but about 1/3 the price.
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