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I have a Jet 10" Bandsaw. I have always had problems with the blade coming off if I back the cut wood out. I got a new blade and adjusted the 6 rollers that control the blade. I backed all 6 off so they did not touch and adjusted the tracking so the blade, 1/4" 6 TPI, so it was lined up in the center of both the top and bottom wheels.

I checked to see if the blade was square to the table in the direction the table tilts and that was fine. However the blade is not square at the back of the blade to the table. This is with the thrust bearings backed off all the way and the belt tracking properly in the middle of the tires.

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So the only adjustment for this is the table tilt which is square. The trunion seems to be the only option to adjust this would be to shim the top of the trunion to get the blade square to the table. Have you ever had this problem and do you think this is the answer.

This is a picture of the trunion under the table.

The yellow circle is where I think it should be shimmed.

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So what is your opinion.
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