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Both guides must be adjusted to fit the blade. Some band saws allow you to change the tilt of the top wheel SLIGHTLY to keep the blade from from walking off the tire. How old are the tires on the saw? Do they need replacing? Frustrating problem. The blade's weld might be a problem, but that is really unlikely, especially if it happens with every blade.

I had this problem with a 14 inch Delta, but it was because I fiddled with the top wheel tilt. Took some time to set it back correctly. I made a small adjustment (half a turn of the bolt at a time), then manually rotated the wheel with blade until it stopped "walking" off the tire. NEVER, EVER try to adjust the bottom wheel, it is set with a huge jig and must be exactly as set. Once the top is set, don't mess with it.

Here's a video on adjusting tracking. Larger saw, but it applies to all band saws.
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