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I've had this bandsaw for a couple of years, its get very light usage. clean off some dust and its brand new again. today my wife was using it and the blade came off. she uses it for cutting small sticks/twigs for her craft business and maybe a 1x every now and then. so i thought she might have done something she shouldn't have, but when i tried turning the top wheel, it did not move freely. i pulled the wheel off and it does spin freely with my fingers stuck in the holes on each side of it. If i put the wheel back on the upper wheel shaft, it will spin freely until i push it all the way on, then hard to spin again. there appears to be nothing wrong with the shaft. no grooves or scratches in it. i was thinking maybe there should be a washer of some sort that sits between the wheel and the back of the shaft, but it does not look like it according to the parts diagram. i'm at a loss for what it could be, nothing looks wrong, but the wheel no longer spins freely when pushed all the way on the shaft. wondering if anyone might have an idea of why this is happening. thanks --Brian
1 - 2 of 8 Posts