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i was gifted a Jet bandsaw model: JBS 14MW, and I want to attach a fence to the table. But there are no holes due to the age of the saw. Because there are no holes I would have to drill & tap holes in the cast table. In the event that the table cracks does anyone know if the newer table can be retrofitted into my saw?

I had a similar issue mounting a home made rip fence on a Hammond Glider table saw. I I first drilled the steel on a drill press with the correct size bit for later tapping. Then I glued the steel in position on the saw's table. (I used epoxy since these were fairly heavy 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" L's 4 feet long 1/4" thick) I then drilled through the holes in the steel into the cast iron. The steel helped guide the drill bit. Then I tapped the holes, removed the steel and enlarged the holes in it so the bolts would just slide through the steel. This allows some wiggle room if the mounting wasn't perfect the first time. I have been using this saw for about 30 years with no problem. When I moved homes the large rip fence supports were easy to remove and reinstall. This may work for you. By the way the Grizzly bandsaw resaw fence is a good one.
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