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Thank you.

For the belts, you can just use the common link belt which you can get at Harbor Freight. I found it really helped smooth out the machine. I think the standard V-belts tend to take a set over time, and this causes some vibration. Also, check the setscrews on the pulleys, my motor pulley was very loose.

The machine was made by a company called 'Elephant' in Taiwan. In fact, my knobs all have the elephant logo. Their website, for your reference, is

Some parts are available directly through Jet, though a lot of these parts are probably interchangeable with other brands.
I too, just bought a used Jet JBS 14MW, and went from woodworking forum, to another site, then to here via suggestions posted in various threads. I have d/l the manual (many thanks!) and for what it's worth noticed, when I got home, that the cast aluminum trunnion were destroyed. I went to my "go to" replacement sites like ereplacements and directtool but item was obsolete. I found on Amazon for $30 and saw and order the phenolic blocks to replace the "after market, lol" wood guides presently installed, along with a set of zero clearance inserts. $120 for the saw, with new tires and two blades, $50 of Amazon parts and good to go. Thanks all.

Steve S.
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