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Jets good service.

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As a lot of you know my motor on my Jet TS went out and yesterday I received the new motor from Jet. In about five days I had my new motor and I think that is outstanding customer service. The guy I talked to on the phone was very helpful telling me the procedure I had to do to get a new motor under warranty. I give them two thumbs up on their great customer service.
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Hi Don,I and others will be pleased to hear you have a new motor for your saw from the Jet Company & no doubt it's great advertising for them.James jj777746
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Pleased to hear there customer service continues to be top notch. Several years ago they replaced the fence on my 10" TS (well out of warranty) when a weld cracked. I sent them a photo, they sent the replacement, no muss, no fuss and no charge.
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