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I've made a few of these jigs, but lately I've been using vacuum chucks for most of this kind of work. I use both the Rockler and/or shop made vacuum chucks, depending on the shape of the work piece. An HVAC vacuum pump from Harbor Freight with an air filter in the line to keep saw dust out of the vacuum pump, some 1/4" fittings and 1/4" plastic air line is all that is needed. I just screw the chucks to the work bench and connect the lines between the chucks and vacuum pump, turn on the pump and drop the work piece on the vacuum chucks. They hold the piece very tightly, even more if the area of the vacuum chuck can be made larger. I use closed cell Weather stripping with a peel and stick backing to form the seal on my shop made chucks and it lasts nearly forever.

Hello Charley; do you have any images/photos/videos of this vac table setup you are describing ? Curious also if this is usable for sanding and how you handle the dust collection.

Thx Paul
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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