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I just joined the Router Forums and got the computer programs to watch the Woodworking channel last week. I am a retired const man who has a Shopsmith 510 model, as well as a bunch of other tools we all need in our woodworking pasttimes. I am in the process of redoing my shop, rearranging benches, shelves, etc to make a better work shop for making items for family and friends. My latest thing is to make poker/dining tables. Have four different styles of plans. Am looking forward to viewing the forum for others comments on projects.
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Hi Joe

I see you like making poker tables you may also want to check out the NYWS (Norm's show on the PBS) he just made a poker table that was a real knock out :)

It is one of the best poker tables I have seen and you can get the full set of plans from him...

But you know Norm he has pockets full of money and one hell of a work shop with free tools all over the place.... :)
And one of the best shop vac. I have seen ,,,I don't think I have every seen any saw dust on the floor or on the tools, must be magic :) or the 10 or 15 people with dust pans and a brush or two...behind the cam.

Have a good day Joe

Bj :)
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Good another retiree. Welcome to the forums Joe. Glad to have you with us. Never know when your expertice in const might be needed. Again, welcome.
Hello joeirish15!

Welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I do... it is great.

I too am a shopsmith owner so if you have not done so yet check out:
It is a lot like this place with a lot of helpful souls and also free......

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Welcome to the forums!
Hello, BJ, yes I have seen Norm's poker table plans. I do have a similar set of plans which will look vvery much like his. What i like abvout these tables is the fact that they become finished dining tables when not used for recreation. Have made four tables so 8 sided, 3 six sided. Am presently in the realm of redoing my shop and am going to get the Router Workshop books and setup my router table similar to Bob and Rick's tables on the Woodworking Channel. I am retired and have to do these projects to keep myself busy and to keep my sanity....this retirement is not what it is cracked up to be.....I do miss very much my construction work.....and the large paychecks I got.....hahaha
Welcome to the Router forums Joe. Glad to hear your watching the Router Workshop. Hope to talk routers with you when you get your shop organized and your router table set up.
Hi Joe
Retirement is great no more getting up at 4:00AM and getting home a 10:00 PM
and having a cold dinner and doing the same thing day after day.
The money was great but you can't take it with you.. :)
I retired at 55 and it took me a year to get into the time off.
I sold my business when the BOSS said "me or your DAM company.." :(
That did for me, I forgot for a long time what I was working for but she told me real quick that she was feed up with it and so was I at that point.

Now it's nice to have dinner at 6:00 after working in the shop most of the day making saw dust and firewood... hahahahaha but working only if I want to ....not because I need to.
Now the best thing in my day is when the grand kids drop by and we can make a bird house or feeder , I was a real ass hole when my kids where small ,I would see them in the shop making something and say what the hell are you doing ! ,retirement has mellow me out and now I love it when the kids want to make something out of wood.

"Retirement is great"
Enjoy it like I do :)
Just a side note don't fall in to the trap of making crafts to sell it will kill the joy of working in the wood shop... I did it for a bit and found myself making tons of Xmax. toys and it turned in to a job and I lost the joy of wood working for a bit.
"Retirement is great"
I don't need a job anymore I have put my time in... :) :) :)
And my BOSS has become my best friend again like it was long ago.

Have a good one Joe

Bj :)
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