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Item no longer for sale here.

This Jointech IMP-1 Incremental Positioning Machine has NEVER BEEN USED Serial # 1-07353. It did collect some dust :)

I purchased this many years ago with the intentions of making dovetail cabinets and small boxes. I never got around to it and it has been sitting in my shop atop the router table I never used either.
I am down sizing so it must go.

I am asking $275 for all of this plus $50 for FedEx shipping (total of $325) in the USA only excluding Alaska or Hawaii

I will be posting this sale to ebay for a higher price in a few days.
Ebay needs their pound of flesh :)

The pieces are:
1. the positioning machine attached to a board that attached to my router table top. (a repair person dropped a hot bolt onto the board and caused a scorch mark it does not alter the workability of the system. See photograph #11.
2. The fence that goes with it
3. a fence riser
4. 2 feather boards (one still in the package the other attached to some sort of holder with screw down clamps on each end)
5. a positionable stop block
6. a table feather board
7. an 11 piece router bit set to carry out whatever needs to be done with this system (wax still on the blades)(I removed the screws for the box cover in order to put it in my cabinet drawer)
8. comes with 2 books/manuals as shown one with many ruler type inserts that apparently help in positioning the machine easily.

I do not seem to be able to find the VCR that went with this sorry.

This is a heavy weight unit (about 33 lbs before packing) and will require sturdy shipping materials.
It will be shipped by FedEx Ground you will have to provide a telephone number for FedEx and they do not ship to PO boxes.

I can only accept paypal payment.
Any questions you can email me at: kat7 at
I am in Fresno, CA


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