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It's not classy to make your first post an advert, but I've been on Lumberjocks and didnt know this forum was here. Anyhow, I thought I'd let yall know I posted up 6 Jointech SmartFence inserts to eBay, in case any of you fancy those. I'm sure many of you make your own, but some guys want the OEM part. They'll come up if you search for jointech inserts.

I wouldn't normally whore out an ebay auction, but they come up for sale rarely from what i can tell, so I thought there might be a guy in here who didn't mind the heads up.

Apologies for breaking protocol. FWIW, I'm an amateur woodworker in Northern CA, and I've had some fun making tables with small inlays, done primarily with a palm router. I've been accumulating tools more than making things lately, and I'm getting stuff gone so I can get back to making stuff. It's a sickness.

I'm also a member of the Sacramento Area Woodworkers club locally, in case any of yall are members. If you aren't, but you are nearby, we meet Tuesday nights at the Ethel McCloud senior center downtown. Come on down! I'll be one of the three young guys there.
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