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Hi there, been developing projects for CNC table routers, laser cutters, plasma and 3D printers for a few years now and selling the projects on my site I love my ShopBot Desktop and see myself getting a full sheet router in the near future to begin making larger projects!

I've released my 4th book focused on making projects efficiently using CNC plasma, 3D printers, routers and laser cutters. From learning the basics of CNC modelling to buying the best machine for your application, it's all covered across 450 pages. You can find the link on my homepage.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and don’t hesitate to spread the word! I have lots of videos, 3D animations and renders/photos of my projects - about 250 of my own designs including some of others on

Thanks for your support and let’s keep in touch!

Jon :big_boss:


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