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Junior High Woodshop

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One of the low points of my woodworking hobby was woodshop. I created a bowl that looked more like a goblet on steroids. My mom was very kind about displaying it for a couple months. The shame has disipated and I think it is time to try turning again. I took a 36" lathe and a set of chisels in partial payment for one of my home built router tables. I could sure use some moral support for this project. Hey, after all, it's not like you will have to display it and keep a straight face... ;)
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Every time that I trim my trees here, I like to take some of the straighter peices and turn out shapes for candle holders, making sure they can except a large candle/in the very center drill a hole for taper candles. Keep at it ! I take these items to candle parties and sellout every time. Well how does this guy dry them ? let me explain: put finished peice in a plastic bag, every day take item out and turn bag inside out and place peice back in bag.

Best suggestion I can make is to 'play' with it, get some practice time in. Take it slow and easy if you haven't don't much lathe work in a while. It takes a little time to get reaquainted with it. Just turned some new legs this week and it's always fun to see the results.

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