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Just a quick inquire

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I bought a second hand DeWalt miter saw DWS780 in good shape but I would like to to change the blade.
Should I buy the original blade or another that you suggest. Price is an issue I'm on a pension
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Stuart for a mitre saw a negative or at least zero degree rake is a must. Getting into positive degree rake angles means risking hooking into the grain and lifting the board off the saw base and jamming it against the top housing as well as giving a very rough cut going cross grain. Full kerf saw blades will give a better cut. If you use a thin kerf blade I recommend using it with saw blade stiffeners. On a 45 * angle thin kerf blades can wander in the cut bouncing off hard summer grain and digging into soft spring grain. That results in a wavy cut.
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Further to what Charles said, the blade manufacturer will (or should) have marked the blade for it's intended application.
I use CMT, not necessarily recommending them, just mentioning it because it makes for easy examples...

Industrial circular saw blades-Industrial sliding compound miter & radial circular saw blades-CMT tools

Industrial circular saw blades-ITK finish sliding compound miter circular saw blades-CMT tools
The whole line-up:
Circular saw blades - CMT Tools
Stuart; I use CMT blades but I have been paying way less than what is currently may have something to do with our devalued currency(?)...
Their blades are clearly marked for their intended applications.
I'm assuming Freud marks theirs in the same way?
Yikes! Sorry about the similar/double post...there was a delay in the first one showing up. *embarrassment*
here's some PDF's on blades...



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Yikes! Sorry about the similar/double post...there was a delay in the first one showing up. *embarrassment*
shuddering seems to be becoming contagious..

If the saw has a blade, have you considered having it sharpened.
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Well gentlemen I did some studying about 12 " saw blades and it takes some thought but it seems that the good brands are Diablo which is expensive CMT which is very expensive (DaninVan where would you get them at a lower price than Amazon) and Danman 1957 I live in Brossard and I don't know of any place to sharpen saw blades.
I'll have to go around tool places to see what they have,you can't see what they really have on line.
If there is anything you think of bring it here and I'll keep an eye on this thread. The blade in the saw is an exchange a blade EAB for short
Thank you guys
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Stuart you don’t want to focus just on the price. You want to focus on value. That includes how well it cuts and how long it lasts. If all you are using it for is cutting 2x4s than it’s not important but if you’re cutting mitres for picture frames a cheap blade that wobbles in the cut is a total waste of money and therefore poor value.
Dan (other Dan!) hit the nail (not literally...that's a whole different problem) square on.
Finding a sharpening shop is essential; you can't throw $100 at the issue every time the cuts start to deteriorate. A good blade should last you a long time. Same for router bits.
Are there any cabinet makers in Brossard? Have a chat with them; find out where they get their tools sharpened.
Is there a Woodworkers Guild/Club in town?
Are these folks close?...
Affûtage de précision et fabrication d'outils sur CNC | Affut-Mill
OK, now I'm convinced there's a site issue. Twice in two days my comment has disappeared then come back!
Maybe someone would like to delete on e of them...or not. :)
Chuck I know about quality I worked as a Stationary Engineer and Maintenance for 43 years but I'm retired and can't waste money so when I buy I want to get it right the first time don't want the exchange blade.
Want a blade for finishing I guess Woodworkers Guild a video about a triple tip grind on a DeWalt blade which cuts good in the video. Like I said I'll have to go to the stores
Thanks for the come back
Chuck I'm checking out the stock available to get a descent blade for the price don't want to waste money (retired) want to check out DeWalt triple chip grind saw blade.
Hey, Stuart; No idea what the quality is like on this. That's a Two pak! Very economical if the qualities not bad(?).
Maybe somebody has tried them?
Check out the other blades at KMS. I noted that the Freud blades don't have any recommendation as suitable for SCMS or not.
Gentlemen may I ask what blade you have in your miter saws
12” is a 90 tooth Freud miter saw blade. I can’t remember the model number and I’m away from home until tomorrow night. You can get a Diablo or an industrial model. I asked a Freud rep what the difference was and he said the tooth geometry is the same but the plates are thicker on industrial models and the carbide is too which gives more sharpenings.

On my 10” saw I use Onruds but I don’t think they are available anymore.
Yikes! Sorry about the similar/double post...there was a delay in the first one showing up. *embarrassment*
You been talking to Vince lately,
Just saying.
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