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Just an introduction from a newbie

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Hi there. My name is Chris. Live in Norman, Oklahoma. Am a professional woodworker, making custom furniture. I've been making wood furniture for the majority of my life, and professionally for the past 15 years. I don't advertise, selling only from referrels. I prefer the Craftsman Period furniture style, but work in any style my clients prefer. (really need to get a website) I make a lot of hall tables, clocks, art display tables and stands, church furniture, tall clocks and mantle clocks and beds. One of my grandfather clocks is in Bob Flexner's new book on finishing, published by Reader's Digest. I just learned of this site today and thought I'd join just to see what's going on. I'm all the time running into a "puzzler" and it never hurts to bounce a question off fellow woodworkers. I'm always available to reciprocate.
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Welcome to Chris C! We sure can use your knowledge here! Glad you decided to join! Again welcome!
Glad to be here. Don't think I have any more knowledge than anyone else..........I've just made more mistakes!
Welcome to the forum Chris. Look forward to talking about routers with you.
I use a PC75182 in my table, a PC6902 with a plunge base for much of my hand held work, a PC6902 in my Multi-Router table, and a Sears Craftsman that I loan when people ask to borrow.
Hello Chris. Glad you found the forums. Great bunch of people with a lot of experience and knowledge here. Your reciprocation will be greatly appreciated. Welcome to the forums.

the "Doctor"
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