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Just another table OAK

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here is another table made from oak I like to make more than one using different type's of wood I have a walnut one in the making now I can make 1 aday I i get to it And not take a couple break's and lunch I will make 5 of them when i am done I kind of like the designe I spray them with a cabnet grade of lacquer ML campbell I used button's on this one I like to change Thanks for looking


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Very nice work Del. I'd love to see the walnut one when you're done too.
Thanks for sharing-
Nice job there Del! Great looking table!

thanks for looking sure cant get the red color out of the oak pic The sony take's the pic I run it thro the Photo delux and I guess what you get is what you get Any way we get the idea The walnut is done All that is left is the Spray job thanks again
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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