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Hello, I am a very green beginner in the wood working world. Why am I here?
Well that is a long story. I grew up on a farm and my Grandfather made some furniture. In the late 1970's we felled our woods on the farm. Dad had the Oaks sawn into rough cut lumber and we were AD. Then we lost the largest quanity in a large fire on the property. My Grandfather had approx. 8 Oak boards (Sorry, I will add the dimensions on a later post) at his place that survived. I am now the proud owner of this rough cut oak 3" thick x 20' lumber that I am suspecting is over dry. I want to have it cut into boards but not sure about the moisture content, planer splits and the overall quality of the wood. Then if I do find it is too dry can it be remoistened? If that is even possible.

My plans. I want to eventually make something with this wood. I will probably start with some simple projects.

So here I am asking ..... what are my options?
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