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Just found this neat place

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Hi folks,

Recently retired and have dabbled in woodworking over the years. Built a couple of houses, barn and a few basic pices of furnature. Now I'm getting serious about this woodworking thing and spent the last 4 months collecting all my tools and building my shop.

Tis the time to start doing some productive wood working. The router is going to be a main tool for many projects, so I looking forward to learn how to effectively use it.

Just stumbled on this site. Would have found it sooner if it it was mentioned on the TV show.

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Chet, welcome to the community! Glad you decided to join. Lots of great members here!
Welcome Chet. Glad you stumbled. Nice to have you join us. Also, glad to have another retiree, the more of us the better. When you have a question, just post is and I'm sure you'll get a reply from one or more of our experienced and knowledgable members.

the "Doctor"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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