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Just Joined the forum and like to say Hi to all

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Live in a small village in upstate New York and recently retired. The plan is that I can now devote my time to all those things that were put off until I had the time.!!!

Do some wood working and have done quite a bit of finish carpentry on our own home. Enjoy working with hardwoods. I found this forum by chance while searching for a manual on an old router that I have had for many years, and also found that someone had posted the manual for that router here so just had to join.
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hello and welcome to the router forum Ray
Welcome to the forum. Good place to learn. I'm still learning.
Used to live in Queens, NY. People don't realize what the rest of NY state looks like. A high school friend had an uncle who operated a dairy farm in upstate NY. Brought some beautiful photos of the countryside!
Welcome to the forum Ray . Glad to have you aboard
hello and welcome to the router forums Ray...

got some light reading for ya at this here link....
might be of some help..
Hi Ray, glad you chose to join the fun. I pretty much followed the same path as you. Don't know how far along you are, so I've attached a pdf of the 18 things that helped me got going with woodworking. Sorry if it's too elementary, but I syspect it will help you get going and to avoid some of the expensive mistakes I made.


Welcome to the forum Ray
G'day Ray, and welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum Ray.
Welcome along to this corner of the interwebs Ray, glad you could join us!
Welcome to the forum Ray I live in Florida now but originally from Western NY near Buffalo. You will find a friendly helpful bunch here.
Welcome to the forum, Ray, this is the place to be. We love pictures, so post lots of them.
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Welcome to the Router Forums Ray. Post some pictures when you get started so we can see what you have been doing.
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Welcome Ray,

I live in south western Quebec and am minutes from N.Y. state such as Masena and only a couple hours from Albany. Beautiful state.
Welcome to the forum.

I am surprised no one has commented something like: "don't be surprised at how full your time will be". I found that I have done very little of what I thought I would be doing in retirement (6 yrs). Goes to the old classic "I don't know how I had time to work".

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Welcome Ray from a fellow upstate NYer. Midway between Buffalo and Rochester.
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