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Just simple carving, and a testimony of carving Scripture

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I have been clean of drugs and alcohol since second week of January 1977, I don't need it or want it anymore at all. But I have become addicted to this simple carving scripture, and for the most part giving it away. Made lots of new friends all over the place. Something this week happened that keeps me push it even farther and better as I go.
I really work on a freight dock, wife's pay check, :). One of the road drivers I met through this carving, came up to me early this week, with a really concerned look on his face, and shared about his friend and his friend's father were in the hospital with covid 29, not doing well. I think it shocked him, when I reached for his hand and just prayed right there for them, simple little prayer, and we went back to work. Nothing about me, all about Jesus and getting Jesus involved. I continued in my prayer time to keep this up, even ask my wife to get involved as well.
The very next AM it was cold and I started my truck up in the driveway to warm up. KInd-of weird thing happened, the radio was playing when put the key in it, I listen to Christian music I buy and put on CD's, hardly ever the radio. The song that was playing was by Andrew Ripp called Rejoice, I really like it, and listened to it several times since then. My friend was not at our dock that morning, different run somewhere else. There was line in that song I put on the back of a piece of cedar that afternoon. Rejoice distorted on the top, There is better day coming I know. Simple little set-up, it turned out pretty good, I cut a pocket for a base in V carve as well. The next day he came to me and told me his friend came home from the hospital. He was excited, and we both pointed to the heavens, but I told him about the cedar thing and the song, he wrote it down on his hand to listen to later. I asked him if he would get it to his friend when I finished it up, He smiled and said He would. Yesterday AM he again came to me and shared his friend's father also got to come home, :) I told him I would have the little cedar piece next Tuesday AM, and I will have it finished to head out to somewhere close to Detroit . MI. Nothing bout me , all bout Jesus! I am having a blast with this simple carving and keeping me in the scriptures more than I was before too. I will put a picture of it up a little later, off my desktop. I am a believer that prayer changes things, just one instant, even though I prayed for a dear friend of mine, and he did not pull through, my mentor, and also a great friend of Jesus". He would get on to me about staying up to long in a day, trying to get things I started finished, opps. I was up around 23 hours yesterday working at work and staying busy at home too. It will make you look old!

Sorry for the babbling, but this is the reason I so enjoy making noise and sawdust too !
Have a Great weekend, a Great week, pray for the people in Kentucky,
God Bless,
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