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Keepsake Box

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My sister had a great granddaughter born in August so I decided to make her a keepsake box to put her stuff in. Probably her parent, grandparents and great grandparents will put stuff in it for her. I made it out of ziricote wood which comes from Central America. I also used tiger maple for the top and a lift-out tray. I purchased the ziricote locally at a German veneer factory. They sell some lumber.

I have used ziricote before to make a basket for my wife for her birthday.

The finish: On the inside I put several coats of dewaxed shellac. On the outside I put several coats of dewax shellac followed by several coats of Zar polyurethane diluted with 50/50 mineral spirits. I don't sand between coats. The next to the last coat I use 500 grit foam sanding pad on random orbital sander to removed any dust from the finish, then apply one last coat.

Malcolm / Kentucky USA


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That is a really beautiful box. I like the contrast between the two woods, and the way the top goes on is very nice. The basket is teriffic as well.
Malcolm you always amaze me with your boxes. When you post something I always have to see what you have made.
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Malcolm you always amaze me with your boxes. When you post something I always have to see what you have made.
Me too. Nice, Malcolm!
That's just nice, Malcom, just very nice indeed. I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.
Very,very nice Malcolm. You seem to always come up with the most unique designs, and your workmanship is top shelf.
I enjoy seeing your work. I have never heard of that kind of wood before, sure is pretty though.

Ziricote makes really nice acoustic guitars and apparently makes really nice boxes - great job, Malcolm! Is the top engraved or laser cut? I can't tell from the photo, almost looks like a gold stencil.

Excellent work, always a pleasure to view your posts.

Any chance of a couple of "in process" photos showing how you set the corners?
+1 what they all said.
The work on the top was engraved. I didn't do it. I have two fellows close by that does that for me and generally charge in the $20.00 range.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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