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King Canada Tools 8367 PLUNGE ROUTER

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Hi Folks,

Does anyone have experience with this router ?

I just put my Skill 1810 into a router table and I wish to leave it there. I have a Buffalo Tools trim router to do edges that can't be done on the table. Now I am looking for a plunge router for those few times that I need it.

I do DIY stuff around the house, so I probably will not use it more then one or twice a month, but it would be nice to have around. Therefore I really can't justify spending $200 - $300 for a plunge router.

There are several good deals around for this router so I am very tempted.

-Fred :thank_you2:
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Welcome to the forum Fred.
don't have any experience with King's portable power tools but they are not top end. I have a 16" planer and a 108" vertical sander but they are in a different class. Both of those tools have been very good to me, especially the planer. If you only intend to use it that often then it is probably okay. You might also consider Canadian Tire and Sears. Both have very good warranties. I have purchased a lot of CT's portable power tools over the last couple of years and I haven't had to replace one yet but most get used like you are suggesting. CT has great sales with regularity and the Maximum line come with 5 year warranties. I haven't tried their routers but I do have some of their bits and they are pretty good for average quality. I have a few of the Maximum bits that I got with one tool and they are better than average. Hope that helps a little.
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Hi Fred,
Welcome . I have several King tools; my table saw, dust collector and a 2.25 HP plunge router that cost me only $99. I have not used the router much for I bought it to mount in a table that I will build this winter. I can vouch for the other tools though. I've had the table saw for over 5 years without EVER a problem and the dust collector for roughly 4 years and again no issues. The after sales service is beyond my expectations, I also purchased several years ago a mortising attachment set for my drill press, I over tightened it and cracked the housing. When I went in to the King Canada warehouse service department, they replaced it even without a proof of purchase. To top it off I asked about a replacement base plate for the router for it also cracked (I dropped it ) well again they just gave me a new one. As I said before I haven't used the router much but for occasional jobs where else can you get such a powerful machine for such a low price! Good luck,
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No idea about the quality of that router but if you have a Craigs list in your area to watch it daily for a brand name router at a good price.
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