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King of the stupid questions

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Hey gang,

I give up. I can't figure it out. I have a Porter-Cable 890. When I put it into the pluge base, the on/off switch won't work. When the motor is out of the base (held tight, no bits), the switch works fine. Put it back in the plunge base, switch won't turn the motor on. I checked the owner's manual. No help there.

Any ideas?

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Hey Drick! - first off, there no such thing as stupid questions - only stupid people (Please, please, please - that was just a totally insensitive joke!) - I have the 890 myself and have never experienced that - do you mean the switch won't move (like it's stuck or blocked from moving by something?) - it's a simple slide switch with 2 locations - one on the side and one on the motor base that are interconnected - check and see if there's something alien blocking one or the other locations) - I don't think it can be put into the plunge base incorrectly because of the guide pins and gear slot - I'll take a look when I get home and see if I can tell what might be up.
If the collet is totally extended (say to change a cutter) the switch is mechanically blocked so the router can't start. You might want to check this first.


King of the Stupid Questions

Hey gang,

You know how Bob and Rick always tell you to unplug the router? No, I didn't forget to plug it back in, but this is a good example of why you should not trust a switch. As I told you, when I held the motor part of the router, it worked. When I put the router in the plunge base, it would not work. This turned out to be a matter of orientation, not base. I had not been able to use this router for a few months. Apparently the switch picked up either some dirt, sawdust, or corrosion that prevented it from making contact when turned on. By moving the switch several times, I was cleaning it. I put it in the fixed base, and it worked the second time I threw the switch. I put it back in the plunge base, and it did not work until I flipped the switch a couple of times. Then, it started up and ran like a champ. Fortunately, even though I was not expecting the router to start up, I was keeping my fingers away from the collet. So seeing it start up was a pleasant and not painful experience. Anyway, that is why you should not trust the switch and should unplug that router.

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Hi Drick (Gilbear said sheepishly),
Jiust wanted to re-emphasize that the "stupid question/stupid people" thing was totaly a joke (in poor taste I might add) - was having a bad day at work that day - when I looked at it again, I felt pretty stupid myself - glad you figured out what was up with that - I switched bases a couple times and I couldn't see a problem - the advice to be sure to unplug is very timely and worth hearing again! I do blow out the switches after pretty much every use, by the way.
Drick, from time to time, it's best to use compressed air at low pressure, to blow out switches. You'll be amazed at how much can build up over time. Also, if you have to take the switch apart, use a electrical cleaner. This will remove any possible corrosion that may happen to occur. Gilbear did bring up a good point, it is best to blow out the tool after each use.
As for stupid questions, the only one is the one that isn't asked.
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