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Kreg ACS Machined Table Extension

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My cnc is located in my basement workshop. In cold or extreme hot weather I hate walking from my basement, 100' to my large workshop which is not heated, to use the cabinet saw. Last August I bought a Kreg Adaptive Cutting System hoping this would eliminate trips to the main shop. I love this system! It's great for breaking down sheet goods, ripping, cross cuts, etc., with very little dust escaping. Every time I use the DeWalt sliding compound saw, I need to clean up dust. As much as I like the system, I needed more surface area to support cutoffs.

I decided to buy the Kreg Track Horse which comes with brackets to attach to the ACS. I had a small piece of mdf in the shop, so I decided to make a 24" X 34.5" extension top. All of the 3/4" dog holes are machined in a 96mm grid with a 90 deg 0.03" deep chamfer. It's difficult to find a good straight 2X4, so I used some pieces of 3/4" plywood to make the 2X4 supports to connect the horse to the main table.


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Nice looking setup Bob , thanks for posting . I love Kreg products myself
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Nice. My shop made outfeed table has some trusses onder the table portion to keep it stiff and flat. Bought the hardware for it from Rockler and used my own materials. I used a melamine coated piece for the table top. I made it wide enough so that when I push an 8 ft piece through, its center of gravity is still on the outfeed table. Distance from the back of the blade to the end of the outfeed table is a bit over 50 inches.
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