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Hi: The krieg jig and the other brands as well, must be clamped together before the joint is brought together. For 3/4" material a 1 1/4 " screw is used, with soft materials
mdf,particle board plywood pine etc, a course thread is used. Hardwoods require a
fine thread screw of the same length. Krieg make clamps for joining material edge to edge, and also at right angles. I suggest the you get a method of setting the stop collar onto the stepdrill. which will insure the the screws go into the joint the proper depth. Also put the screws into the material without glue, then back them off and
apply the glue, and rehome the screws. Sometimes I will also use a biscuit in the joint
to keep it from moving when I bring them together. The savings in time by not having to clamp the joint after applying glue and screwqing it together speeds things up.
I have and use the Krieg 2000, and the right angle clamp it works fine for me.
Hope this helps. Woodnut65
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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