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Clamping and stop blocks are the right answer Ed. Always use glue in the joints unless you are attaching a removeable panel for easy access or a table top. Here is a simple tip to get great results when attaching table legs to the aprons(side pieces) on a shaker style table:
Figure out what you want your inset to be on the aprons, say for example 1/4". Use your router to cut a 1/4" deep rabbit or rebate the width of the leg on a piece of scrap wood that is about a foot long. Clamp it to the leg with a mechanical clamp.(I use Quick grip bar clamps) Position your apron and clamp it to the scrap wood, drill your pocket holes and then remove the clamp from the apron only. Apply your glue to the apron only and run your screws making sure to not over tighten and strip the holes out. This simple jig ensures all your joints are identical and you get almost no movement this way. Pocket hole jigs are great for attaching table tops too.


1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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