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pocket jigs

I had problems also with this at first. Found my problems were more than 2 fold. I originaly used finished four sided 1x2 's but found they were not as close as they claimed them to be. couldn't afford a planer back then so I finally came up with a simple fix. I have a formica taple top which I use. I dry fit my joints and when they are what I want I turn it all face down on the table. I then Apply glue and clamp both sides of the joint down to the table and use a small two pocket jig to make my holes. Then I use a small drill and predrill a small amount deeper. Screw my square head pocket screws till they bottom,release clamps and turn a little bit more. The table keeps the joint flush even if the wood is a small bit different and any missmatch is on the back side not to be seen after installing. I take this time to clean exsessive glue off and take a orbital sander to it this will fill any slight mismatches with saw dust and create a invisable joint. hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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