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Laguna CNC open house in So Cal.

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Found this in my email today. Last minute. See, touch, watch the tools in action. Sales room also includes their sawa. Quite an impressive place to visit. Sorry about the last minute nature of the post, but I liked the place and the people who work there.

LAGUNA Open House Thurs. 1/24 @ 4pm
Not too late to RSVP to LAGUNA's open house for a guitar making CNC showcase and demo. Attend and enter to win the body we cut on our CNC machines as well as some pairs of drum sticks made from recycled skateboards by CHOPS, MFG.

January 24th
4 - 4:30pm Meet & Greet
4:30 - 5:30pm Guitar Body Demo w/Q&A
5:30 - 7pm Machine showcase, demos, socialize

2072 Alton Pkwy,
Irvine, CA 92606

Food and drinks will be provided

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This is located in an upscale industrial and business area about a mile from John Wayne airport in Orange County, CA.
Been back on the CNC hunt lately - switched jobs and it took me a bit to get things sorted out (bishop had me move to a bigger church/school to fix the HR, financial, accounting, and staffing drama). I've been looking at the Laguna IQ Pro with the ATC. REALLY pricey, but I can really see how an ATC would enhance the process. Setting the feed rates (and spindle speed? Not sure on this machine) in software would be the way to go. This model, and the regular IQ, can also have fixtures mounted to the front for vertical processing (it can machine past the front of the machine a bit). My concern about these is the smaller size (2x3), and they don't have a stand for them currently -and these things are HEAVY - almost 750 lbs! How can that be? No idea what to do for a base for it. The Rockler cnc table is too small/light duty...

Also looking at the Axiom Elite 2x4, but no ATC there and no ability to mount stock vertically. BUT, good size, good stand, good accessories. Well thought out system.

Wish I'd seen this open house, but was busy today anyway. I just talked to their sales people on Friday and he didn't mention the open house... It actually isn't too far from me (less than an hour). I have been to their old place (actually in Laguna Beach, I think) a number of years ago - have one of their bandsaws and jointer/planer. Good stuff...

Not wanting something bolted together, or something that I have to assemble. Welded frame, solid...
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Well, maybe not too interested in the IQ Pro - the price suddenly jumped from $11,999 to $14,090 - that's basically $7k more than the regular IQ for a 3 station ATC - and the regular IQ jumped up $1k as well. Something's going on with pricing/importing...
A lot of changes in duties and import taxes these days. A new candidate for old-saying status: He who hesitates, pays more. I posted this in part because a visit to their show room is better than watching strippers ply their least at MY current age, and speaking only for myself.
Hi, Tom - You're right - you snooze, you lose... their open house was apparently for guitar builders, so not really for me, but interesting. But... I literally just got off the phone with Laguna - and darned if they didn't work with me on several things, including price - so I ordered the IQ Pro. Part of the cost increase was an upgraded controller box for the Pro.
I added an extra foot in length, so it's a 2x4, and added the taller gantry, so it's got 12" of Z travel. I've got a month or so before the frame comes in and its built out, and I need to build out a table of some kind... This was a positive for the Axiom units - the Elite model comes withe the stand/tool chest. I guess this beast really does weigh 700-ish lbs (especially with the taller gantry and extra foot). It's going to need to be a pretty decent table, and with wheels of some kind because I have a small, 2 car garage-type shop. Excited! Going to be fun!
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