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laguna IQ cnc issues

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I also bought a Laguna IQ HHC 24"x36" cnc machine and I am having the issue where I go through all the steps to prep the machine for a project( set XY-0, then Set my Z-0) but when I go to run the machine the spindle never comes on. So I checked the volage coming from the wall and I am getting 245V and on my control box it says ( Called the laguna and they said its either the power or a $2k VFD has gone out. Does anyone know if having 245v can keep the machine from running, or do they know where I could get knock down tranformer?
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Welcome to the forum @Kevin Presley
G'day and welcome to the forum, @Kevin Presley .
You may get a better response if you post your question in the CNC sction of the forum.
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You may get a better response if you post your question in the CNC section of the forum.
Moved - thanks, James!
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Frankly i would be surprised if the 245 VAC was keeping your VFD off. you should be able to research the vfd model number and it will say what the allowable input voltage window is. If the 245 is out of range, the electric company can come and re-tap the transformer on the pole for you to lower it down (to 240vac).

pls give us more info - brand new cnc? new to you? did you see it run before? if you just moved it, you may want to check all cables and connections on the cnc. also, you may want to verify that the input wiring is correctly installed.
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