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Standard questions - have you checked all wiring connections, is everything lubed like it should be, is anything loose, etc.? If you're losing steps it could be one of those or a combination and it could be the drivers, steppers, etc.

Does it do it all the time or only when it has been used a while? Does it do this in the same place each time or is it random? Which axis or are all affected?


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Well its only done this one other time and it was when i was using a fairly fast cutting speed everything it tight and lubed maybe im trying to cutt too fast and its skipping a cog on the belts it effects x and y but there has been other problems with the spindle shutting the machine down when there was a minor load on it.

i really dont like the controller that came with this machine i was thinking of converting to a mach 3 type control
i dont like having to work in metric either

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