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Not "woodworking", but Corian does work like wood. It even takes up every clamp in the shop when gluing it up...

Mom and Dad have moved into a new house, which means new challenges. The new house has LOTS of windows, but that means less wall space for hanging pictures. They have had a painting over their sofa for over 40 years, and now there isn't a good place to hang it. The wanted it over the fireplace (the previous owner had a large painting sitting on the mantle) but they didn't like how it looked resting on the mantle.

The fireplace is covered in stone, and irregular, so hanging it was going to be a pain. I decided to make a stand, essential a Giant computer monitor base. I scribbled some numbers on an envelope, and back home I went.

To keep the look of stone, I went with Corian, both for look and mass. Since I didn't want the stand to be very visible, I chose steel tubing. To hold the hanging wire I used aluminum channel. I had measured the amount the wire was displaced with 2 fingers standing in for hooks 30 inches apart, and that helped me calculate how high the painting would need to be supported.

The Corian was doubled up using adhesive for nonporous materials. It looked like it held well, but when I drilled my counterbore in the bottom, I made sure the rods will be holding in both pieces. The 1/2 inch steel tube has nylon spacers driven into it on the top and bottom to center the all thread in them. I drilled the aluminum channel, then used that as a drill guide for marking out the holes in the Corian. The whole assembly is held together with 2 pieces of all thread with Fender washers on the bottom, and double nutted at both ends. The assembly is about 30 inches wide, 29.5 inches tall, and just under 7 inches deep. The 1 inch x 30 x 7 slab of Corian is heavy, and it seems very stable for the light weight of the painting. I was hoping the color was going to blend with the mantle better, but that is the closest color I had. The Folks are happy, so I guess I should be as well.

Another Christmas present off of the list. Now I just have to figure out how to hang a TV on the same sort of wall on the other side of the chimney....


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Great solution. I agree with your parents, having the painting sitting on the mantel would not look right. This looks great.
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