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Laser Guides

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I have some news for some of you who might have a 12" Miter saw with 1" arbor, pre laser guide days.

When I got my Craftsman 10" laser guide I tried to find a good update for my Makita but the 1" shaft was either not found or "VERY" expensive. I looked as several other methods but never found just what I was looking for..... well until now.

I was paging through the new Eagle America catalog and on page 61 I see a Avenger laser guide for 1" arbor saws! It's still expensive but it's on my next months tool list.

I hope this helps a few of you out..... BTW I will be pricing these at various sites for a better price or cheaper shipping but if someone finds a good deal let us all know please.

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Ed, I have seen ads popping up all over for retrofit laser kits. The kit you saw projects down one side or inline with the blade? I know most of the kits I have seen are for 10" saws and run around $60.

The one in the catalog is just like the one on my craftsman saw.... that is it is like a washer and puts light out on the bolt side of the blade and only after the blade is spinning. Other then getting washed out in sunlight I like the one I own and it does seem to make the jobs go faster.... it is not perfect but it helps.

I don't know if you can find them in the lower 48 or not but a company called Superior sells a cheap 10" slider with a laser beam that attaches behind the blade. You can buy the laser separately for arround $20 cad. However sunlight is a problem for this type but works great indoors. I put one on an old DeWalt radial arm saw.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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