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Latest batch of boxes...

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Here's a few more boxes that I've managed to knock out over the past few months..

The first is maple and walnut...a request from the LOML for one of her church ladies buddies...The lil music box is a simple 8 note that actually sounded pretty nice...Amazing Grace...finish is spray can lacquer...

the 2nd was for my son-in-laws mother...Just a good ole country gal, so I though she would like something along these lines... wood is spalted maple..inlay was purchased from Rockler...finish is spray can lacquer..

Third and perhaps one of the nicest boxes I've done was for my daughter...she hinted around for something a little 'classy'.. so I thought I'd give doing a little inlay work on my own a try. Nothing too terribly difficult and I think it turned out very well. Wood is quilted maple top, curly maply sides and solid ebony trim....Finish is spray can lacquer.

Got another 4 more in the works down in the shop and thats it for a while....finally broke down and took a commissioned project. A nice walnut/rosewood/maple sitdown chess table and board.....really looking forward to this one...

thanks for lookin'.

edited to add one more... box for my grandson...white oak/walnut/pinknot cherry top.....finish is rattle can poly.....This one really turned out nicely...the proud box joints took an otherwise rather plain box and added a nice dimension... All of the boxes with the exception of the church ladies box, have a flocked insides...glue was/is the same color as the flocking dust.. really made getting a nice finish on the inside possible...


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Hi Bill,

I love them all!

I like the contrasting woods and the raised cross on the first box.

I like the shape of the second box, and the inlay went very well with your choice of wood for the box.

The inlay work you did on the box for your daughter looks nice and again choice of woods was excellent. The more you do inlay of your own the more fun you'll have and the possibilities are endless.

The last box has quite a bit going on there, almost too much for my taste. That raised panel you made for the top was a great choice of wood, you really let the beauty of the wood show through, but I think the panel could have stood on it's own without the raised effect. The box joints being left proud of the faces is a good look and showcases the end grain of the wood. Then there is the raised checker board panels you added on the sides and front, good looking on their own but kind of over kill. Those things said, over all, real nice work on all the individual elements that went into this box, just think there were too many ideas used at one time. I'm sure you grandson will love the box and always think of you when he looks at it.

Good work!

Thanks for posting the pictures and I look forward to seeing more of your work,
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Actually I can see exactly what you are saying and really have to agree to a certain extent on the last box. But there is a bit of a story behind it. My grandson like to come down to my shop and tinker around with me. when he found out I was making him a box, the first thing he wanted to do was PAINT it....Ohhhh NO< NO< NO< says I..we don't paint wood down here I told him...:no::no::no::no::no:

I must agree with you on the inlay work,,,the more I play around, the easier it gets. I've found an xacto knife to be the best cutting tool so far, but have ordered a carbon steel scalpel to give a try...
Hi Bill,

So your grandson helped his grandpa design the box, how can I argue with that!!!!:cray:
Hopefully one day he will understand why you don't want to paint your boxes. It's great when the kids or grand kids take an interest in your hobby, it makes it that much more enjoyable.

Like you say i find that an x-acto knife is the best tool to cut veneer inlay with. I haven't tried a scalpel so let me know how it works.

Work safe, Have fun,
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