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undefinedDoes any one know the brand of lathe used in the vidio ? Tom
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Hi Atlas

Not trying to be a smart ass but what video ?

Bj :)
Your wood channel vidio ,,,,,,,,,,tom
Tom, I think you misunderstand. presents woodworking shows from around the world. The Router Workshop is one of the most popular of these shows, but not affiliated with them. Perhaps you can identify which show? We have sections on different types of woodworking here such as lathe work and scrollsawing because many of our members are involved in more than one branch of the woodworking tree.
I know the Woodworking Channel was showing a demo video of the Teknatool Nova lathe - could that be the one?
Tom, just had a look at the Woodwork Channel schedule. They're showing the Teknatool lathe video at 9.19pm on 11/28. Could be the one you're looking for.
Thanks, Guys that's the one,,,,,,,,tom
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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