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Learning in Everett WA

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Hello to all... my name is Derek and I have participated in 2 threads up to now. I found Router Workshop by accident one day and have had a chance to see a few episodes. My local PBS stations are very inconsistent with the time.
I have my shop in a one- car garage. My space is limited but I can move partly outside when the weather cooperates (it doesn't always rain in Seattle).
Thanks for having this forum. I look forward to learning all that I can.
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I too am a person who needs the great outdoors for part of my shop. Almost everything on wheels helps.

Glad to have you here.

Hey Derek! Welcome to
Hello and welcome to the forum Derek.

My shop is on the small side as well and each of my tools are on wheels so they can be moved outdoors. I almost prefer working outside as it keeps the sawdust down in the shop.
Hey there Derek. Glad you decided to join the routerforums. As the old saw goes (pun intended) the more the merrier. It is nice to have fresh air when woodworking. I just open the barn doors an let the air in. Again, welcome.

the "Doctor"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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