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@comp56 I have seen this used on vehicles and signs here and there. I'm very curious about how the cuts are made. Is the vinyl backed and the cut is only through the vinyl, not the back? I would really love to see more about the process. Would you mind posting a little more information, and maybe a picture or two of the cutting and weeding process in action? Thanks.

I can see how lots of light would make it easier to see the cut lines in the vinyl. Sometimes I can't find the starting edge on a roll of packaging tape. Not that any of this has much to do with vinyl.

I love lots of light. I have high output LEDs everywhere. Not long ago I found some PAR38 cans, like stage lights that use reflector bulbs, put ultra bright bulbs in them and shined them from the patio, out into the yard. Lights up about 70 feet out. My shop has about 6000 lumens and the garage is even brighter. As my eyes age, it takes more and more light to see what I'm doing.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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