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Leftover materials

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I love leftover materials because I always trying to look for some additional uses before discarding them off. Most of the time they are for free. Remember the unistrut profiles
Among other things, I have several pieces of half an inch stainless steel tubing that I used to make doors pulls for five cabinets that I am working at.
The pictures tell the story.


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Good work Alexis. I like trying to find new purpose for used pieces too.
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Good job Alexis. I always like getting SS pieces. Do not throw away the left over pieces too soon. Another project may come up and you will find another use for them.

Nice use of that material. A longer piece could be a towel or dishrag bar.
Very nice. Nothing beats making good use of of what other people would consider garbage.
What a clever idea and the photo-shoot, excellent Alexis.
Those drawer pulls are neat. Looks like the hole was a bit small. With epoxy, they could probably be drilled slightly oversized, or sandpaper on a stick could ease that opening. Nice little lesson in your pictures.
Good use of the leftovers.
They look good Alexis. I too have trouble discarding any off-cuts, but they mount up!:shout:
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