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As I am told ? Referred to as a Steely ! On St. Louis EBAY listed with loads of extra gears and parts with router. Includes custom rolling table with built in chip box and bit locator slots. I previously gave the CD and VHS with the manual to a Dave in St. Louis that was interested in it and other Woodshop tools to help market it and he never returned them and over $500.00 in bits plus my old VHS. Have asked for someone to sell copies but no word back yet. If willing to sell some - contact me here. I am getting request to divide gears, parts and router so am willing to work with a buyer on price and maybe even shipping by freight ? Just unpacking several boxes of gauges and bits with other tools that will get pictured on the ST. Louis craigslist sometime in July so have a look see, usually post as see all so do plan on shopping later. Including a picture of the accessories and two different Incra router guides that are available, offers please as still finding real values. Rules say no phone or email so will check here at least once a week. Thanks forum, really need he assist. Ron

OOPS - have to learn how to drop or upload picture. sry
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