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1. I've been making a concerted effort to learn this jig and I have a question on HB DTs. Following the manual, I adjust my bit height so that I have a tight fit. Now, with using the same Pin scale adjustment as I used with Tails, the Tail Board sits a little too far in the Pin Board. So to correct that, I adjust my scale toward me by an 1/8" and with a freshly cut PB, my TB outside surface sits flush with the PB edge. Question is, am I correct in using a different scale adjustment for the PB, as for the TB? If I use the same scale adjustment, then again, the TB will sit too far into the PB.
And while I've got your attention...
2. I've been using my PC 690, because I can mount all the bits all the way into the collet, which gives the bit full support. I also like the lite weight and low center of gravity. Although it is a bit heavier and taller, I'd like to use my Bosch 1617, however the way the collect is made, it doesn't fit inside the Leigh bushing, so I have to mount the bits a little more out from the collet than I'm comfortable with. I don't want to create more chatter or runout than I have to. If I could use the PC collet in the Bosch, problem would be solved. Am I explaining this clearly? Hope so. Is there another maker 8mm collet that I could use?
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