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I too used to use a printer and print out on paper and use contact cement and then route or cut them out that way. I have many signs still today that I free handed that way. However today I would be a miss if I didn't point you to a CNC. Options are almost endless of the detail and variations that are available to the average person.

I have made concrete forms for fire rings blocks and church scouting signs and remember sweating it out worrying if I wasn't paying attention I would blunder it. Ha. Most of them came out just fine. It's certainly possible and fun to do it via hand held. I have 4 plaques to make up this week for Christmas. Cedar carved with the boys names and a picture of a sailing boat are now possible in 20 minutes perfect every time unless I mess up. Still a challenge with a CNC.

Enjoy! It's all good just go for it.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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