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Letting the software make your patterns for you

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Killing some time on a lazy weekend. Too dang hot to go out and put my new cnc together. Near 100 degrees F and 50% humidity in E. Texas.

Just some quick fun. This is 3d paint dynamics physics engine but can be done with rigid body dynamics, softbody dynamics and maybe some interesting effects with hard body dynamics. They are each different types of physics engines found in different 3d software packages (with different names). This was done in Blender 3d but many different programs can do this.


What is cool is you can stop the engine on any one frame and extract the geometry from it and create a cnc pattern. This is a quick one I made.

Eye Hood Wood Font Audio equipment

It might be cool also to carve each side (just 5 sides so it sits flat) and glue as a cube for some futuristic abstract art.

The awesome part was it took less than three minutes to set up.
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