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light routers

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Hi, logging in for the first time,I'm wondering what preferences folk have for a light router for freehand sign making?

Working with hardwoods requires a router with a comfortable grip that may be used over extended periods of time.
I have a dremel but I would rather something larger to remove material quicker.

Thanks in anticipation.
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You can use your Dremel with the Router Plunge Base that works great, it's made by MilesCraft. (plus you can get guides to fit the base from MilesCraft)
The dremel is a max of 1/8" bits but it works great for details.
Bits below (1/8" shank)

You can also use the Marvel 40 with a plunge router base it also works great for sign making..
The Marvel will take on 1/4" router bits like the 3/4" bottom bit that will remove tons of chips in a heart beat.

Marvel 40 3-in-1 Router Kit

They both work great for sign making and other light jobs when you want more control,plus you know how hard it is to cut a true line with the Dremel tool but with Router Plunge Base it's a easy one to do.

The Marvel did not come with stop for the plunge base but you can make one quick and easy with a drill stop collar (5/16") ( drill size "O" )..

I do recommend the router speed control to be used on both of them ,they turn at 30,000 rpm and at that speed you will burn up bits left and right.

Have a good one

Bj :)
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Just a add on link for the Router Bushing Set for the Dremel

Milescraft 1000 Rotary Tool Plunger

Milescraft 1202 TurnLock Router Bushing Set
see below ▼

Bj :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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