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I would say Vibration would be the big thing, most lights just can't take it on when they heat up.(light filiment thing)
The new LED type high power lights would need a low voltage power supply and that's to much weight to add with out a 2nd cord in the way,looks like battery types will take a big share of the market in the coming years and maybe they will offer the light opt. setup then, because of the battery is on the router. (DC power supply)
I did see a Norm's show (NYW) about 3 weeks back that had a sign maker showing how they made signs, he had a 50 watt spot light fixed on his small router to see the detail when he used the router free hand on a sign.
That was neat but a little Rube Goldberg set up but it worked for him on his open base router.

Just my 2 cents
Bj :)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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