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Liquid Iron ?

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Hey Randy....When you put the steel wool in the jar with the vinegar, is it supposed to change color? I put a steel wool pad in a peanut butter jar and filled it up over the pad with white distilled vinegar 3 days ago and the vinegar is still clear. Is this right? How do you know when its ready to use? Thanks......Chuck
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Would somebody please explain what is liquid iron and how do you use it - Someone said they use it to make wood old or weathered looking - PLEASE share this information - Thank you ...... Angus
Hi guys look under show and tell and Goonman's cedar table. He explains there how he mixed liquid iron.
Thanks Glenmore,

Chuck the Vinegar will stay clear for about a week or 2 or until you dip a piece of test wood in it. The best way to test it is to take a piece of wood and dip it in and let it set and dry. I took one piece of wood and dipped it in the container 3 or 4 different time and it let me see what the different coats looked like after letting it set and dry. If it is Oak do not dip it in the container you are using to soak it in. Oak turns instantly a blue or purple color.

I just took a brush and slopped or painted it on and let it dry in the sun. Depending on the wood I am using at the time or how much Tannin it has in it will let me know how dark it will be. The last table I did I put 4 coats on it to make it dark. After it set for a few days it became even darker.

Angus I answered your PM but never got a reply.

You can see what I used it on in the following
Second Cedar Top Table and Cedar Table this is the one where I give all of the details. I found it to be trial and error. I had to search back 75 days to find the first one I did.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info on the liquid iron - Sorry GoonMan but I never rec'd your answer, maybe my E-mail is acting up, it sure wouldn't be the first time.I was very impressed with your tables, I do a lot with pallets, great oak wine racks come from the thick runners, I also use a lot of cedar fence boards-after I plane them the grain is just beautiful - I'll try some liquid iron on some CD boxes made from the fence boards. -thans again.....Angus
Hi Randy,
Thanks for the info. I've had some cooking since the 1st. There is no color change yet. I wasn't sure how much vinegar to use for 1 steel wool pad, or wheather or not it was supposed to change color in the jar. I used a plastic peanut butter jar (about a quart), and put enough vinegar in it to cover the steel wool pad. I've got some slats to replace in my Dad's oak porch swing that are weathered out. Hopefully this will make the replacements match the rest of them.
Thanks again, and sorry for not getting back to you sooner.......Chuck
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