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Unfortunately it sounds like your batteries are dying. Even Lithium ION Batteries go bad. The sad part is the batteries will likely cost more than buying a new drill with new batteries. If you decide to buy new batteries I suggest you get the original equipment. Amazon sells a lot of generic batteries that will not last any time at all. The reason they are cheap is they are cheap batteries. If you decide to replace your rig I suggest Dewalt. The tool industry has consolidated and competing brands are not under just a few banners. The Dewalts have given me good service over the years and if you go on a job site you see a lot of Dewalt yellow. Pro buy what works and do not care about gimmicks or "Features" that you will never use.
Agree as well. My 1st cordless drill was a Panasonic which I loved. It had plenty of power and saved me many an arm/hand cramp. I was working in HVAC and the number of screws manufacturers used to hold the access doors on was ridiculous. Biggest complaint I ever had with these was the lack of understanding people had of using the dang clutch so they didn't ream out the screw holes and the proper charging method. The early ones were ni-cad and they needed full discharge/recharge. When mine was getting low I would place it somewhere so the trigger would be held shut to run the battery completely down then recharge it fully. The old batteries would develop a memory and was a real pia to recover near full charge when improperly charged. And even now the battery cost is often near the total tool cost in some cases.

By the brand name batteries when ever possible and get the full warranty with them. It's cheaper in the long run. Also when looking to buy consider the cost of the replacement batteries/chargers. When my Panasonic charger died, long story, it was almost the cost of a new and better drill kit.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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