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Some things to think about:

A) What makes this bit work is 1) that to interlock the pieces the bit must be a mirror cut, 2) to do this the height of the interlocking part of the router bit must be in the center of your material. This is the tricky part of the set up...once set up the first time then cut some test blocks to be used to set up the next time. Material thickness is a key part of the process and the bit must be accurate and cut a mirror image for both the horizontal and vertical cuts.

B) Once the thickness is determined as to the center of the material thickness then the fence needs to be setup with the 45 degree cutting edge coming to a sharp point on the outside face of the material. The horizontal piece is the easiest to set this up on….

During the cutting process the horizontal portion is the easiest to cut and needs to be square and tight to the fence. The vertical cut is the tricky one because once its cut on the back end of out-feed we are riding on the sharp point of the miter which is difficult and dangerous to cut. Your fence needs to be 5-6” in height and square

Here is the big tip…before cutting the vertical piece place your piece in position on the in-feed side of the fence put a support piece on top of the fence edge then clamp a support stick across the vertical piece. This support piece will ride freely on the top edge of the fence and 1) keep the vertical cut square, 2) support the cut 45-degree edge of the vertical piece on the out-feed of the fence.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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